Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1098 Child Helpline !!

Met a girl kid begging on road last night. She's of primary school age, but was begging with a plate which had one puffs in it. Inquired her with whatever Hindi I know and understood that her Dad already expired and Mom is somewhere nearby. I asked her if she likes to go to school, so that she can grow up well, work and earn like we do. She nodded. I then requested a young passer-by girl to translate English-Hindi for me. She asked this kid to take me to her mother in order to know if the mom would allow her kid to be educated. The kid refused it saying that her mom will scold her, and left the place.

Thanking the youth who assisted me, I moved on a few yards finding the kid sitting with her mom (think so) and few other similar age kids in the neighbouring (Sanghvi) market place. A sudden thought, I dialled the 24hrs child helpline 1098 to check if they will really help in these cases. The Tele-agent patiently heard me, noted the details and location of the kid, and advised me not to involve directly, instead they will send their team to deal with the situation. He informed me that the child helpline will support any child facing harassment, torture, child labour, etc.,. He also assured that the Gov't will assist the child in education, shelter and food.

Few minutes later I called the helpline again to know the status, and the Tele-agent confirmed me that they had already informed the local team yesterday, and that I can check the status of this request any time. The tele agent also appreciated my initiative and requested me to contact the helpline (1098) anytime when I happen to see such things in any part of India.

Hope this post would be a good info for anyone who wishes to do some good for the suffering kids.

-Rajeesh M

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Live Every Moment

Mini Bits:
Life's like this game of CandyCrush.
I got many good chances to crush and win the candies game, but simply held them to gather more crushers; in the end only to run out of moves to end the game. 

Enjoy the moment !!

Burst out in joy, and don't hold/postpone your current wonderful moments in securing for a bigger better and un-present future.. 
Live every moment..

Life is Beautiful for those who live it beautifully !! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Changes.. Happy New Year.. 2014

"Change is the only thing that doesn't change.." - Unknown
"Be the change you want to see in the world.." - Gandhi
"Are you looking for a change.." - Tele HR
"Please change at-least from this new year.." - At my home
"Bring change or get down the bus.."- Bus Conductor

"Everything changed, just give me Meter charge.." - Chennai Auto-driver

"Happy Year Change.. Wish more good changes this New Year.. Wish you all Happy 2014.." :)