Friday, June 7, 2013

Is it a response to the paper saving post ??

Not sure if this change is in response to my earlier Paper Saving mischief (click here to see the old post), or if this is a fresh new plan of the business machine company.

Whatever it may be, I appreciate the Good work.
Lets celebrate World Environment Week - Now also for Paper Cups :)
Hoping to see more good plans on saving green..

Environment Week - Now also for Paper Cups :)

Lion-2 tamil movie's secret poster unveiled...

***Please note that this post is just for fun, and does not meant to hurt anybody's feelings***

Top secret story turning point posters of the upcoming flick Singam-2 unveiled online. The poster had raised controversies upon who plays the main Villain character in the movie. Sources confirms that the director has plans to release an English version (dubbed) as well for Bond fans!!

The punch dialogues will also be dubbed without changing the meaning it seems.
“Jumping japaangu ten and half tonnn...” :)

Also close sources says that Director is preparing to file a petition on parties that revealed the secret pictures. :) :)

So..... enjoy the poster and keep this post secret... :)
Bond & Duraisingam in action
Image Source: Facebook

Monday, June 3, 2013

Team Commandos won Tech Quiz at Orion

Guess why I’m posting about Team Commandos ? 

;) I was one of the 3 contestants from the team, who added points at the end (last 2 questions but to the best).

First time ever I had participated a Quiz competition and surprisingly won the game. It was a great moment of happiness for me. Thanks to Commandos team owners for picking me into the contest, and many thanks to team members Abhijit & Manoranjani for adding all the technical question points.

What’s more ?? 
Our photos on "ORBIT", the quarterly newsletter :)