Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happily donated Blood after 2 years!!

There was a Blood donation request mail from my colleague last week. One of his friend’s wife – 32 years, mother of a 4 yrs old boy and a 1 month old baby - is suffering from Metastatic Adenocarcinoma and requires A+ve Blood urgently for Haemoglobin replenishment on a continual basis. The patient was admitted in a nearby Hospital (in ICU) and she required 5-10 units of blood every day.

Ever since I was affected by Herpes I had paused blood donation for more than 2 years now. Now I’m eligible to donate blood (for 12th time). So decided to start all over again to engage regularly in social causes.

I forwarded the mail to other colleagues and got good response from good hearts. We (7 guys at office) went to the Hospital the next day morning and donated our blood for the mother. It's always a great experience after donating blood – "we just not donate blood; we save 1-3 lives by a single time donation".

There were 4 first time donors (first four on photo) who themselves came forward to donate. I appreciate their interest/helping tendency towards Blood donation and wish many others to come forward to support fellow humans. We took our team snap outside the hospital registering the good time (except 2 members).

There are many of us who are really willing to donate blood. Each one has their own doubts towards Blood donation. [One of my ex-classmate who is of O-ve 'rare group' have never donated blood, thinking that it will harm him or that the doctors/hospitals will steal/harm his body parts. Sounds funny, but it's true.]

For all those non-donors please refer to the below link for all your doubts regarding Blood donation. And if you found yourself eligible, please donate blood, save lives!!

World Health Organization (WHO) links on Blood Donation: