Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Go green, do not Print' - BUT using paper cups ??

National Recycling Week at my ex-company’s client office. The Client company is very well known for its Eco-friendly business inventions/implementations around the world. But I often discuss my colleague about the unknown reason why the company is not keen on saving Paper water cups by replacing Plastic or Glass tumbler(s).

One day someone made a notable work to let them know that ‘Save-Paper quote’ will not do miracles on email signatures.. (Go Green ! Print Only When Necessary!!)

The story in conversation as follows:
Kuldeep: (came back from rest room) “Rajeesh, Hemanth, did you see the Rest room wall.? Someone has pasted a paper commenting about Paper Saving. It’s funny.” (He then gave me a doubtful stare.) 
Me & Hemanth: “What dude. What’s so funny. What did you see over there.?” 
Kuldeep: A comment is made using Paper Water Cup itself. You go and see it” 
Hemanth: Kuldeep, Do you know who did that ??” 
Kuldeep: (again stared at me and said) “It should be this guy only. Who else will do this mischief here??” 
Me: “Arey Kuldeep. I’m very good fellow yaar. Why should I do that.?” 
Kuldeep: “You were the one who used to talk about Paper Saving in this business machine company. No doubt you are the mischievous prank.” 
Hemanth: he he he ;)” 

In few minutes, the Housekeeping team with their Manager were seen rushing the Rest room. (Emergency situation for them. he..he..)
We went after some time to see the status and saw the things were removed from there..

Photo 1 - Full shot
Photo 2 - Comments shot
Photo 3 - Closeup shot
Note: The photos were taken even before Kuldeep could see that [i.e. right after it was pasted :) :) ]

This post is not just for fun and believe me there are several good things in using a Paper Cup, but in the same time try avoid wasting Paper cups. Practice to keep a PET bottle at office desk or in your bag, so that we no longer need to rely on any kind of cups. Paper Saving is in other ways saving recycled paper too.. 

I read on Pintrest that "Americans use an estimated 16 BILLION paper coffee cups annually. That’s over 6.5 MILLION trees cut down per year! Paper cups also generate 253 million pounds of solid waste per year; 4 billion gallons of water are used in the paper cup production process per year. That’s enough to fill about 6,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools!" 

Tomorrow its none other than our next generation who will use the products that we save! 

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Received a response to this post from the company this year.. Posted it here:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Networking Exam

My nephew, a 10th standard student posted on Facebook (with his picture browsing on Computer) that reads: 

   Social Exam 2mre!!

I thought it is his Social Networking Exam.. :P

Not a wonder if there is an exam like that in the modern education system..!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wikipedia hits the media today

Recently I made a post in FB about the FB fake free gifts and useless shares and junks...
I suggested in my post to refer to Google-search and Wiki-search regarding any doubtful information. I also highlighted Wiki-search as it does intra-wiki search and is a trusted search domain.

Being one of my trusted domain Wikipedia is always doing a service and not a business. More important point to be noted is that Wikipedia does not charge us for serving us the data. It runs the site with donations. One basic feature of Wikipedia is the User Contribution to the page. Whenever a user contributes to a page, the edit will be analyzed and then be approved by Wiki approval team. There are some pages on which Wiki puts a lock, on which no user can share their contribution/stories.

Coming to the point why I had to talk about Wiki now b’cos Faking News shared a Wikipedia page which has funny information about the Indian Cricketer Ravindra_Jadeja.

I cross-checked the same too and wtf it is true that some Spammer has spammed Wiki-page for short-time fun.

Wiki team has found the spam and reverted it within minutes. But as per the saying "The company is liable for employee’s faults".

Hope Wiki will strict the user contribution approval, and take some action on the spammers.

No one can hurt you without your consent

I still remember the quote given by one of my lecturers during my final year Diploma Engineering.
He came as a fresher to teach us in our final year and almost the entire class were not listening him. We used to make comments on him/his lecture from behind and will not even obey him when he tells us something. It’s our feeling that he is not much elder to us (also me & my friends did HSLC and joined Diploma), and why would we listen to a young fresher (we’re in final year yaar).

Now coming back to the lecture that he gave. I don’t know pretty much why he gave us a special lecture as we have not given him proper respect nor listened him ever. But that day’s speech impressed me and I still remember few of his advices today. The talk was about motivation and moral stories.

And the statement I liked the most is: 

Remember “No one can hurt you without your consent”.
Example given by him: If somebody gives you a book and if you do not need it, then you’ll not get that. It then remains with them or belongs to them. Similarly if somebody scolds you or speaks false about you, don’t ever take that in you, which means that it automatically belongs to them. May it sounds cowardly by not replying him with a bang. But I liked the way it is (atleast at certain circumstances)..