Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Philips 4019

alas! Today i trimmed my beard using Philips 4019. It was once my dream trimmer, and the dream accomplished yesterday when i got it in hand. Guess what... its a Valentine's day gift from my wife.
Philips 4019 Trimmer
When i proudly say my wife's gifted my dream trimmer, there's her hidden expectation in it..

She always insisted me to shave my beard, atleast trim it. She had pointed several reasons on me such as "you're senior employee at office, a responsible father, a respectable family man, bla, bla, etc.,. And i used to smile at her saying "chalte chalte....."

Here she gifted me a Trimmer of Love, which winks at me saying "Come'on family guy, chalte chalte"!!

Yes i started trimming my beard from today.. (may not daily, but regularly) ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kadhalar Dhina Vazhthukkal...

Kadhalikumpodhu ezhudhinen Ennavalai, Aval kangalin kalpandhaattathai, Aval manadhin narumanathai...
Meendum Ezhudhugiren En Manaiviyai, En Irandam Thaaiyai, En Mudhal kuzhanthaiyai.!!

Bogi – Pazhaiyana kazhithalum Pudhiyana Puguthalum enbaargal...
Pudhithaai En Vaazhvai Pudhupithaal., Enaku andruthaan Kadhalar dhinam.!!

Vealai - Nalla Velai Kidaithathu bangalooril., Nalla Velai thaan Kalyanam Varai...
Aval arugamaiyil illatha velai eppadi nalla velai.??

Aval Kangalil kavalai Thingal mudhal Velli varai - TV thodarai kandalla., ennai kaanaadhathaal...
Sani Nyayaril meendum kaanum kalpandhaattam... ennai kanda kondaattam.!!

Aval manam ippodhum Narumanam - Dove'vinaal alla Engal Karu'vinaal...
Ennavalin suttithanam ippodhe seiyum engal kutti dhanam.!!

Indru Kadhalar Dhinam - Naan kadhal Nee...
Udhaikaatheyda - Naam Kadhal Nam Kuzhandhai.!!

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- Year 2011

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time Critical !! W☹rld Cl☹ck

Its critical Time @ my office for more than a week now..

Times Yesterday

Times Now

Friday, February 8, 2013

Have you noticed ‘the director held a silent smile’

Yes, Mr.Kamal_Haasan smiled during his interviews and he even joked while answering the media upon the controversies and Ban of his film - 'Viswaroopam'.

This Universal Hero (Ulaganayagan) was fed by the cinema and vice-versa. He know what he makes and he also know what his make will make.

The film now had the 4th print released (exclusively for Tamilnadu) which was not preplanned. Needless to say, this print is ruling the TN theaters now (with additional screens than planned).

Remember it’s not just an After-cut print.. I call it a 4th print, and that is called Optimism..

Other prints – Tamil Uncut, Telugu & Hindi are already doing very good business in India and over the world.. Now everyone can guess his smile I hope.. 

So, what about the Ban.?? 
- It actually advertised his film without his effort. Thanks to the committed Ban’ners :) :)

Vairamuthu rightly penned: 
 "Yaar Endru Purigiradha, Ivan Thee Enru Therigiradha..
  Thadaigalai Vendre Sarithiram Padaithavan Nyabagam Varugiratha…"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marriage is good for the heart - study

Married people are less prone to heart attacks than singletons and more likely to recover if stricken, according to a Finnish study published on Jan 31, 2013.

Researchers collected data on 15,330 people in Finland between the ages of 35 and 99 who suffered "acute coronary events" between 1993 and 2002. Just over half of the patients died within 28 days of the attacks.

Unmarried men in all age groups were 58-66 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack than married ones. Single women were 60 to 65 per cent more likely to suffer acute coronary events, the Finnish researchers wrote in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

The research team said that healthier habits, higher and combined income and a superior support group could be some of the reasons why married people are less prone to heart attacks.

"Unmarried people have been found to be more likely depressed and according to previous studies depression seems to have an adverse effect on cardiovascular mortality rates," lead author Aino Lammintausta from the Turku University Hospital told sources.

The study included people from different race groups and social backgrounds and the findings "can roughly be thought to be applicable in other western countries," said Lammintausta.

For both genders, wedlock also considerably lowered heart attack mortality.

Image Source: Google Images

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