Thursday, July 11, 2013

Will this train stop @ Tirunelveli

Source: Google Images
Last Friday when i was waiting at Ernakulam North Rly Stn., a young man came out of the hotel aside platform-1 looking at the Trivandram-Chennai Mail, which just arrived there. 

He (Man-1) asked another passenger: "Will this train stop @ Tirunelveli?" 
Man-2: "No."  
Man-1 [Seemed unsatisfied with the reply, moved to another man with same question].
Man-3: "No, this train won't go there. The right train comes in the next track opposite route." 
Man-1: (waved his hand from right to left) "No it comes this side only, i have gone to Tirunelveli 2-3 times before."
Man-3: "As per my knowledge, Tirunelveli train will not stop here. It may stop at South junction" 
Man-1: "No sir I'm sure it stops. But Trivandram is after 2 stations., how come this train comes from Trivandram?"  :| 
Man-2: (with doubt) "I'm not sure sir. The other train might stop."  :/  
Man-1: (walked back to the hotel, paused for a moment, and then came back to Man-3 and said) "Sorry sir, i was actually waiting at platform-2. I came here to have dinner a minute before, and so got confused with the routes  :p :p 

At home, just after telling this story my wife replied, "Man-1 must be You".

எப்படித்தான் கண்டு பிடிக்குறாங்களோ !!  ;) :P